Juicing into the New Year with the Co-op's 100% Organic Produce

By Co+opportunity Staff

2019 is here! Time to focus on your health, dust off your juicer and get back to basics. Juicing can be time consuming, but inspired with quality organic produce and a commitment to keeping it simple, you can integrate potent health tonics into your wellness routine. Don’t have a juicer? Any blender and a cheesecloth will easily get the job done.


A perfect addition to any juice or smoothie and even more potent all on its own, detoxifying celery often gets overlooked as a vegetable with no nutritional value. Luckily that’s changing with health and wellness experts, including Medical Medium Anthony William, bringing the leafy stalk into the forefront of the health discussion. As a tonic first thing in the morning, celery juice aids in digestion and inflammation (contains polyacetylene and luteolin), and its mineral salts can be a game changer for those suffering with certain chronic illnesses.


Count cucumber juice as your go-to hydration source - also capable of boosting your immune system, detoxifying the body, treating skin conditions and supporting weight loss. Cucumber is an important source of Vitamin A (provitamin A carotenoid) beneficial for eyesight, bone growth, reproduction and respiratory health.


Containing essential vitamins and nutrients like potassium, magnesium, manganese, carotene and folic acid, spinach juice cleanses and regenerates. Chlorophyll, flavonoids and lution even help combat the formation of cancer cells. Straight spinach juice can be tough to swallow for many folks, but adding a bit of fresh organic apple juice helps to make the tonic more palatable.

A bowl of organic lemons should be a staple in your kitchen. Easy to incorporate into all dishes, lemon juice doesn’t fall short in your juice blends either. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, but they contain so much more including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and B-complex vitamins. Grate lemon rind into your juice for a powerful antioxidant punch. Add as an ingredient to juices, or even dilute with water to prevent damage to your tooth enamel.

Co-opportunity's 100% Organic Produce 
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