Concern for Community

Concern for Community

Concern for community is our Seventh Cooperative Principle. This principle means that cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities. Here are some ways that Co+opportunity contributes to making our community better and healthier!

In-Kind Donations

This form of giving allows us to support community organizations, strengthen our relationships with local groups and increase our public exposure by providing delicious, healthy food to organizations that have nonprofit status and match our mission and ends polices. These include educational, environmental and socially responsible organizations.

If your organization, serving our community, is interested in receiving in-kind support from Co+opportunity, please download our in-kind donation application and email it to


The Scrip Program

Community schools benefit from being a part of our scrip program. Each time a participating community school purchases co-op gift cards in a bulk amount, the co-op will send 5% of that purchase back to the school. 

This program can provide help with a schools fundraising efforts. It also allows Co+opportunity to partner up with parents, teachers and community supporters to provide direct assistance and nourishment to local schools. If an individual would like to purchase a co-op gift card at either store location and give credit for the purchase to one of our participating schools in the scrip program, the co-op will send 5% of that purchase as well back to the school.

Being a part of our scrip program is easy. Email the program application to


Food Bank Program

Co+opportunity collects food daily from our owners and shoppers for the benefit of many community organizations! We also donate surplus goods and organize food drives to help support organizations that seek to assist homeless and low-income individuals and families. Some previous recipients include:

  • Ocean Park Community Center
  • St. Joseph's Center
  • Upward Bound House

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