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Our co-op serves a diverse community and we know that great food means different things to different people. We're not food fundamentalists. We want to help people make their own choices about which products are good for the health of their families, the community and the world. We use the following guidelines to keep our shared values in mind when stocking our shelves.

First and foremost, our food will be delicious. We all want food to taste good!

Beyond that, we prefer to stock foods with these qualities (in no particular order):

·       Certified organic

·       Locally sourced

·       Fairly traded, and other socially responsible sourcing

·       Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives

·       Produced without genetic engineering (non-GMO)

·       Fairly priced

·       Environmentally sustainable

·       Suitable for people with health concerns, allergies or special diets

·       Requested by shoppers

As a cooperative, we believe in the power of democracy. Rather than imposing boycotts or banning certain foods, we encourage all shoppers to vote with their dollars for the foods and products they enjoy buying from our store(s).


Once you peruse the aisles of Co+opportunity, you’ll notice a unique, diverse product mix and a plethora of healthy options. Our goal has always been to offer our shoppers the freshest quality food and products possible. 

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