Register Round Up

What is the Register Round Up Program?

The co-op prioritizes and promotes giving back to the community. Register Round Up is a simple program which will empower our shoppers to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to our chosen recipient.

Small change makes a big difference and through this program, we collectively have an opportunity to offer a sizeable donation to a local organization or for disaster relief efforts.

How it Works?

At checkout, shoppers can choose to “round up” their grocery total to the nearest dollar and give the difference to the Register Round Up Fund.


For example, if a transaction totals $4.51, a customer will have the option of rounding the purchase up to $5.00 and donating $0.49 to the partner organization. If a transaction totals $7.56, they can round up to $10.00 - with the difference of $2.44 added to the Round Up Fund.

At the end of the donation time period, we’ll directly donate 100% of what we raise to pre-selected recipients - local charitable organizations that align with the co-op’s ends, and in extraordinary circumstances, we will collect for disaster relief efforts on behalf of affected members of the co-op community.


December 2018 - Kaliko Farms 
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