Owners' Corner

Thank you for your investing in Co+opportunity as an owner. 

Below, we've gathered important information and documents for you to review and reference when you have questions. 

For ownership account inquiries or any other questions related to being a Co+opportunity owner, please email: ownership@coopportunity.com

Patronage Dividends

You may receive a percentage of the co-op profits created by sales, if the store made a profit during the year. The Board of Directors determines how much of the profit goes back into the co-op and how much is distributed to owners.

Click here for more information about the status of patronage dividend's for the 2018 fiscal year.

Owner Input Policy

Being a community-owned natural foods grocer, both the Board of Directors and the staff at Co+opportunity value and encourage owner input about the store. To facilitate that dialogue and foster more opportunities for sharing among owners, staff and the Board, the Board has refined and finalized the procedures for owner input to the Board.

Click here to review our Owner Input Policy.

Co-op Bylaws

The Bylaws are an important document that lays out how the cooperative is to be governed.

Click here to review Co+opportunity's Bylaws.

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