Ferrari Farms

Ferrari Farms is a 300-acre, three-generation family owned and operated farm specializing in certified organically grown stone fruits and nuts. George Ferrari and his son Wayne started farming together in 1963 and it’s been a family operation ever since, with Wayne and his wife Irene now running the farm with their sons Jeff and Greg. 

The farm is located in Linden, CA in the San Joaquin Valley, where warm days are cooled by evening delta breezes. The Ferraris have been growing crops organically for over 25 years and have been certified by CCOF for over 18 years, embracing the challenges of organic farming because of their commitment to providing more natural and healthier produce while promoting a healthier environment, helping to restore the land to its natural balance. The Ferraris use methods such as intensive composting to help create rich, living soil and cover crops that both improve soil quality and provide enticing habitats for beneficial insects. These “good bugs” are generally predatory insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, and predacious mites, while the Ferraris also provide homes for larger predators with owl and bat houses scattered throughout the property. In lieu of conventional pesticides, they also use alternative pest control methods such as black light traps and mating pheromone disruptors. And, of course, because they don’t use synthetic weed killers, they also spend a lot of time pulling, hoeing, moxing, discing, and badgering weeds - and sometimes cover crops too, as some (like vetch) like to entwine with their irrigation system! 

As a self-contained family operation, the Ferraris take great pride in what they grow, paying particular attention to the flavor of each and every fruit and nut. After all, they say, “It’s our name on the box!” As a small operation they have a hands-on approach and do things their own way, from the pruning and picking to the packing and processing. With their own on-site cooling facilities, the Ferraris are able to get the fruit from the field cooled down and ready for timely deliveries as quickly as possible. The Ferraris also process their own walnuts from harvest, hulling, cracking, sorting, and packing to ensure the finest possible product. 

With walnuts to look forward to in the fall, stop by your co-op to try their delicious cherries this summer! This spring’s wet weather has made the cherry harvest more difficult as excessive rain can cause the fruit to crack, but that makes Ferrari Farm’s short-and-sweet cherry crop even sweeter in our eyes!

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