Lusamerica Fish


Lusamerica Fish is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1975 by Fernando Frederico and his wife, Ana. Beginning as a small importer of specialty foods, Lusamerica built their business on fresh fish and now also offer a wide range of imported and domestic frozen seafood that we are excited to carry at both our Culver City and Santa Monica locations!

Headquartered just south of the San Francisco Bay Area, Lusamerica Fish has evolved into one of the largest seafood wholesale distributors and secondary processors on the West Coast, and with over 35 years in the seafood business, they have developed dependable, direct sources of responsibly sourced seafood from all over the globe. Lusamerica Fish is certified for a wide variety of seafood by the Marine Stewardship Council, which operates the most rigorous and widely recognized certification program in the world for sustainability and environmental responsibility in wild-capture fisheries. For aquaculture products, Lusamerica Fish purchases from Best Aquaculture Practices certified producers and industry leaders in sustainability as aquaculture certification standards are established.


Not only does Lusamerica Fish work hard to ensure they’re providing the best product, they also work with other parts of the supply chain, promoting fisheries that use more environmentally sensitive harvest methods, working with suppliers to ensure work conditions and compensation practices are fair, safe and economically sustainable for fishers and workers, and participating in projects to improve practices in fisheries at the ground level, including working closely with World Wildlife Fund on Ecuadorian mahi-mahi and Indonesian tuna.

Nor is Lusamerica Fish’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices limited to sourcing: offering premium frozen and previously frozen products that have been processed and frozen as close as possible to the point of harvest ensures that seafood can be transported by container vessels, rail, and truck, all of which produce less carbon emissions than air shipments of fresh fish. Lusamerica Fish maintains its own fleet of trucks which comply with current California emissions standards (the strictest in the nation). Not only that, Lusamerica Fish transports seafood in completely recyclable and pulpable boxes that are designed with a special closure to eliminate the use of tape, which is often not recyclable. While some of their suppliers still pack in heavily waxed cardboard and Styrofoam boxes, Lusamerica Fish has created an innovative way to recycle 100% of the Styrofoam that enters their plants and recycle all incoming waxed cardboard boxes.

Stop by your co-op and pick up some premium Lusamerica seafood to enjoy today!

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